EPG - a system for managing human resources in a shipbuilding company

Project goal:

The aim of the project was to model and build a tool for managing the flow of staff information and the exchange of employee documentation for shipyard company managers. The basic assumption was to facilitate work with current resource documentation and to gain control over its flow.

Project assumptions:

The main assumption was that each member of the management staff would have quick access to ongoing resource projects along with schedules, man hours and data on the presence of employees. In addition, the system was to enable separation of tasks for individual employees of the yard at every level of management in the organization. The system should also allow calculating the working hours in an optimal way, which would make the scheduling of work time over future tasks more effective.

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Key success factors:

Thanks to the implementation of the project, the managerial staff gained greater access to the flow of staff information in the company. It resulted in saving time and better organization of work at all levels in the organization.