Progress - project management system for a company designing a sea fleet

Project goal:

The aim of the project was to build a universal tool for exchanging project documentation inside and outside the ship's design company.

Project assumptions:

The main assumption was that employees had access to all the information they needed within each project in which they participated. The system was to be a database of files in different versions, which was also supposed to be used for data exchange. Thanks to the data version versioning, both the company employee and the client get access to any design amendment, related to, for example, project visualization and marketing service of the company. In addition, the client was able to control the progress of work in the project by accessing the materials and editing possibilities.

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Visual identity

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Key success factors:

The implementation of the project made it easier for people to contact the company with external investors. It also led to greater control over the final design of the ship by improving communication.